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Zamzama Traders is a also registered member of KCCI (Karachi Chambers and Commerce Industry). Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) is an autonomous institution of public interest. The Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi is premier Chamber of the country, representing the mainstream of economic activities by virtue of its location in industrial and commercial hub of the country. It was registered under the Trade Organization Ordinance 1961, which regulates the working of the Trade Bodies in the country.


Zamzama Traders is a registered member of REAP. REAP is the association of Rice Exporters which contribute the growth of export of Ric in Pakistan. It also

In spite of adverse geo-political conditions REAP has exceeded rice export target for this financial year. REAP is playing a positive role ensuring that rice crop continue its contribution in the revenue earning which is lifeblood of our economic development.


Zamzama Traders is also registered member of KWGA (Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association.

Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association is related to businesses of  food items. The rice exporters of Pakistan, who are members of this association have earned international reputation because of their product quality and delivery time. Apart from exporting pulses and rice to international markets, the members also import pulses and grind pulses to sell them in local and international markets.

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